Henrik Kovács, PhD

head leader

PhD in ethnography, certified folk dance teacher, agricultural engineer in environmental management, head of public education

Assistant Professor at the Hungarian University of Dance

I started dancing at Forrás Folk Dance Ensemble in Százhalombatta when I was 6 years old. I was holding my first folk dance classes here at the age of 14. Since then I have been constantly teaching children at folk dance ensembles, art education institutions, dance camps and dance houses. I also do adult folk dance education at dance groups, accredited teacher training, dance camps, courses, dance houses.

I received my first degree in environmental engineering from St. Stephen's University in Gödöllő, specializing in rural development. In my thesis, I proved the important role of Forrás Folk Dance Ensemble in rural development.

In parallel with my studies in Gödöllő, I was a student of the dance teacher at the Hungarian Academy of Dance. After graduation, at the age of 24, I joined the institution as a teaching teacher for half a year, then as a teaching assistant and, since 2005, as an assistant professor. My taught subjects: folk dance methodology, Hungarian folk dance, knowledge of conducting a dance class, folk dance, nationality dances, nationality dance methodology, professional methodology, classroom observation.

I graduated from the University of Technology and Economics in 2005 with a degree in public education leader. During this period I was the deputy director of the newly founded Ferenc Pesovár Elementary School of Art, Százhalombatta.

In the spirit of continuous professional development, I was one of the first graduates of the newly started master's degree program at the Hungarian Academy of Dance. I graduated from the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, in the Doctoral School of Education in 2009. I finished my PhD studies in ethnography in the Debrecen University.

Department of Linguistics and Literature, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
I am a permanent guest on the Dance Work Committee of its Ethnographic Committee.

I also work as an external member of the Folk Music and Folk Dance Department and Archive of the Institute of Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

My memberships are:

International Council of Kinetography Laban, member
Member of the Hungarian Society of Ethnocoreology
Matter Analysis Member of the Research Group
Member of Folk Dance Pedagogical Working Group
Member of the Psalmus Humanus Association for Art Education
Member of Galambház Public Benefit Association
Member of the National Hungarian Beekeeping Association
Member of the Beekeepers' and Environment Protection Association of Palóct Landscape

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