Ildikó Sándor, PhD


After graduating with a Ma in Hungarian Ethnography (1990) and a PhD (2002), I became a member of the House of Traditions.

My main areas of expertise in ethnography are folk customs, folk poetry, and above all children's folklore and folk games. In addition to ethnography, the modernization of folk traditions and the methodology of handing over the traditions are also involved in theory and practice: since 1988 I have been leading the Kőketánc Children's Dance Center (Marczibányi Square Cultural Center).

I also deal intensively with the ethnographic education of adults and the younger age group: as the brainchild of the "Forgószél és Garabonciás" study competition, as a regular contributor to the INFORádió Arena, author of ethnographic books and studies.


Silver Medal of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit, Civilian Medal


Member of the Hungarian Ethnographic Society (since 1988)

Founder and professional secretary of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, since 2003 president, since 2005 member of the MPT Technical College

Founding member, vice president of Moldvahon Cultural Public Benefit Association.

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